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I came across Pelham & Strutt compression shirts quite by accident, and how glad I am! I suffer from degenerative cervical spine disease.
Unfortunately nerve damage has been caused by the degeneration which has left me in constant neck, shoulder and arm pain as well as chronic headaches. My neck muscles are in a continuous spasm which all adds to feeling rather rotten most of the time.

Earlier this year I was talking to my physiotherapist saying I felt that I wanted to squeeze my arms shoulders, neck, and back. However neither of us knew of anything suitable. I trawled the internet in desperation; I came across an article in one of the tabloids for the Pelham & Strutt compression shirt. On paper it looked ideal with its “zonal core muscle compression” and “spinal alignment and posture support”. I sent an email asking for more information and had a very quick response that allayed my fears. Currently a women’s version of the long sleeved T-shirt is not available, but i was assured the men's range was still suitable for women.

I ordered a long sleeved T. Service was excellent it arrived within a couple of days. The shirt is fantastic, it turns out not to be tight but very supportive. It gently pulls the body into the correct position and posture is greatly improved. I have found it pulls my neck and shoulder muscles down and certainly helps to ease the headaches, shoulder and arm pain, and for the couple of hours that I can wear it can only be described as absolute bliss.

Regards Margot Grimwood






I wore this shirt for the very first time today and I have to say the effects were immediate and amazing! I bought this purely for the posture effect and within minutes I had the same slight muscle soreness that you get after seeing a chiropractor for a proper spinal alignment. I'm slumped over a keyboard all day so I have what I like to call the "scholars hump" along with a poorly rounded lower back. This shirt has literally realigned me and I can actually feel my core muscles being engaged to keep my posture in place.

I also wore the shirt to the gym for my morning cardio session. I usually need to keep forcing myself to tighten my abdominal muscles to keep proper posture. I'm rarely this excited over any product but when an item actually does what it promises it's always a pleasure and a surprise. Thank you for creating such a clearly superior product and for doing it with both function and style in mind.


Bobby Ziegler







I have a bad back, and I definitely have bad posture. But I've become so accustomed to sitting or standing in a certain way over the years, that I now struggle to change this. Back pain affects my workouts and, as a fitness model, is definitely a somewhat annoying and simultaneously limiting factor in my training routine and physique progression.

So a few weeks I bought two Core Vests from Pelham and Strutt’s. Initial impressions were good; nicely packaged product which felt well-made. Once on, it hugs very tightly and feels great on the skin. The Vest helps to pull my shoulders into a more natural position. As an added bonus, I look slightly less like a Neanderthal and more like a human being.

I also wore my Vests to the gym, as well as terrible posture I also suffer from a lumbar herniation (one of the discs in my lower back is bulging out a little, which can, and often does, impinge on the nerve causing great pain. As a result, I’m limited to performing non weight-bearing cardiovascular exercise. I can honestly say that on the first occasion wearing the Vest I managed 8km relatively pain-free rather then my normal 5km. As a result, I now wear the garments every time I perform cardio and have since found that it wasn’t a one-off; I can stay on the cross-training for around 30% longer without stopping due to back pain.

In summary, I think they’re great for improving posture, reducing lower back pain. A worthy, functional addition to most wardrobes.

- Zac Lyndon BSc MSCST RCCP

Sport Scientist
 and Personal Trainer







Back Into Action, Physiotherapy in Wakefield 

Clinical Director - Ian Horsley PhD, MSc, MCSP, MMACP, CSCS


"I have recommended Pelham and Strutt garments to my patients, as I feel they are helpful in assisting optimised posture.

I think the garments can be especially useful in some patients who have chronic shoulder problems."


Ian has been a pysiotherapist for over 20 years, and is a lead Physiotherapist in the North West for the English Institute of Sport.

He has also worked as part of the HQ medical team for Team England at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and was a member

of the Team GB medical team at the 2012 Olympic Games. 







Sarah McPhee - Paralympic Games 2012, GB Wheelchair Basketball Team

Before the Olympic Games Sarah was diagnosed with a SLAP tear in her right shoulder. With help from Team GB Physiotherapist Ian Horsley, treatment was given allowing her to compete in the Olympic Games. Recommended by Ian, Sarah now wears Pelham and Strutt's Thermocool Compression Wear.