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Shapewear Technology | Compression Wear Technology | Pelham and StruttShapewear Technology | Compression Wear Technology | Pelham and Strutt
Shapewear Technology | Compression Wear Technology | Pelham and Strutt Shapewear Technology | Compression Wear Technology | Pelham and Strutt

The Pelham & Strutt range was designed with Chartered Physiotherapist, Judith Pitt-Brooke. Pelham & Strutt asked Judith to analyse brand’s of posture support compression t-shirts on the market and she fed back “in my opinion they didn't really do what they promised”. So why can you count on Pelham and Strutt to always have your back?

Spinal Alignment and Posture Support

The distinctive Y shape mapping on the back of the garments cross the Latissimus Dorsi muscle at the back of the shoulder and the muscles between the shoulder blade and upper spine. These muscles are all important in helping to brace the shoulders back and maintain a good upper spinal posture. This mapping helps to off load the muscles that connect the neck to the point of the shoulders, which so often become tense and a subsequent source of pain. Support like this helps us to resist the tendency to become round shouldered, reducing the chance of developing neck, shoulder and upper back pain.

There is no doubt that improving upper back posture will influence the positioning and posture lower down the spine, correcting spinal alignment. Linking the postural encouragement in the upper spine through the Y shape, with the compression across the lower abdomen to encourage contraction in the lower abdominals is likely to be beneficial for back pain sufferers.

Zonal Core Muscle Compression

The core muscles are crucial for balance and keeping the body stable during movement. Built in zones around the stomach area supports the core, also enhancing posture. Compression across the core area helps give biofeedback to these muscles to encourage them to work.

Good posture requires strength in the core and shoulders, so the real impact comes from the combination between the support from the Y shaped compression section on the back, coupled with the compression across the core area. This combination provides pressure stimulus to both these postural muscle areas and it is this combination that is the true strength of the garments.

Sculpts, Shapes and Slims the Torso

Pelham and Strutt utilise a combination of cutting-edge technology known as "Corepression" with soft, luxurious, seamless fabrics. Our garments deliver targeted muscle compression and spinal support for a smoother slimmer silhouette. These garments immediately improve how you look and feel, whilst still being a well-styled undergarment. Targeted shapewear that supports sculpts and slims. Whether you wear our products every day, or for that special occasion Pelham and Strutt ensures you’ll Look and feel more confident with a reduced waistline of up to 3 inches.

Improves Circulation and Energises

Our compression garments improve circulation, vital for the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients around the body. Compression energises the body, reducing muscle fatigue so you can train for longer and recover quicker. A host of lifestyle factors such as a poor diet and lack of exercise as well as ageing can impair circulation and compromise health.

How does compression wear improve circulation and energise muscles?

As the heart pumps blood around the body, your muscles push it back the other way. Compression mimics muscle contraction pushing fresh blood through tissues energising muscles and improving performance. Circulation helps heel inflammation in joints after periods of high physical activity. Increased blood flow due to compression therefore reduces recovery time.

Deflects Moisture and Controls Temperature

All of our products are designed with moisture wicking technology that draws moisture away from the skin, and out to the exterior of the fabric. At the surface moisture can evaporate quicker keeping your dry.

Breathable fabrics provide increased air circulation, regulating body temperature and allowing for heat to circulate away from the skins surface. Both moisture wicking and temperature control is key to keeping you comfortable, allowing you to train harder and effortlessly get on with your day.