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Longer drives and closer to the pin!

The impossible dream is now a reality thanks to Pelham and Strutt.

Hitting the ball longer and closer to the pin is every golfers dream! On the 24th October that dream became a reality for a select few professional golfers and low to mid handicap players, at the Welcombe golf club in Stratford upon Avon.

Initially developed to help golfers improve set up, posture support and spinal alignment, Pelham and Strutt also hoped for improvements in backswing stability and an increase in body speed during the downswing, whilst maintaining form with core stability.

The bio mechanical effects of the compression undershirt provided some phenomenal results on the golf challenge day that went far beyond the expectations of the company any players alike.

In the controlled trial using a launch monitor, players first hitting golf balls without the garment using their driver and then 7 iron and then again wearing the garment, the following results speak for themselves.


60% of professional golfers had an average increase in distance of 9 yards using their drivers.


The Professionals also saw dispersal reduced by an average of 9 yards on their drives.

Single figure handicap players saw an average of 14 yards added to their drives.


80% of 10-15 handicap players saw 10 yards added to their drives.

The average reduction in dispersal in all players using a 7 iron was 5.7 yards.


Developed in conjunction with leading physiotherapist Judith Pitt-Brooke, The Pelham and Strutt enhanced temperature regulating compression garments not only provide the latest developments in compression technology, they are the only garment to use physiotherapy taping methods for improved posture, core stability and improved performance.When Pelham and Strutt first launched there posture improving sports garments, they had no idea these garments could soon be seen as a secret weapon on the golf course and with the UK launch in December 2013, there are going to be many additions to Christmas lists this year.


How does Thermo°Cool work?

Feeling too HOT?

Advansa Thermo°Cool evaporates moisture faster than other materials thanks to it's quick unique fibre mix.
The fibers are designed to provide added evaporation surface, outstanding moisture transport and allows enhanced air circulation focusing energy on the evaporation process. 

Feeling too cold?

The fibre combination in the fabric provides a light weight material with thermo-buffering properties: designed to protect the user from temperature changes.
This also helps to prevent post exercise chill and still allow excess heat to dissipate into the air. 

Shapewear & Compression Garments Shapewear & Compression Garments Thermocool Thermocool

This image has been digitally enhanced. The arrows depict areas of zonal compression. This shows how the built-in physiotherapy taping improves posture and keeps you correctly aligned.

Compression arrows



Swing Strip

Professional Opinion


“I’ve recently had surgery on my shoulder and I’m just starting to train and play golf again. This top makes me feel a lot more confident; my shoulders feel supported, controlling my swing. I think a product like this would really come into its own at the end of the 18 hole. The support I’m getting makes me feel stronger and when your muscles are tired after a long game, a powerful and accurate swing can be the difference between winning and losing.”

- PGA Professional Golfer Matthew Nixon


“When I put it on for the first time, I instantly felt more upright and as if someone were pulling my shoulders back. I felt compressed, but not restricted and It was easy to move my arms around. On my first set up, I could feel a noticeable difference in my posture, allowing my set up, swing and follow through to become more effortless. The compression worked almost as an elastic band as I hit the ball, propelling my arms making me feel stronger and my swing really powerful.” 

- PGA Professional Golfer Christopher Freeman


“I really liked how comfortable this top was to wear. The fabrics were soft and seamless meaning it fitted the body. In comparison to other compression garments on the market that can be quite restrictive, I felt it encouraged easy movement. In particular I really like the Thermocool technology.  A product like this on a long cold day could definitely improve your game, especially because in golf you find yourself standing around a lot and getting cold.”

- PGA Professional Golfer Adam Gray


“I wouldn’t usually play in compression wear because it can be uncomfortable and restrictive, but not with Pelham and Strutt. There's definitely a difference to be felt when you put the top on. It makes good posture easy, especially when setting up. I wouldn’t play without one now.”

- PGA Professional Golfer Andy Jones

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