Pelham & Strutt Mens Core Range

Intelligent Shapewear for Men

There are a few regrettable souls who come Friday & Saturday evening wish they had hit the gym during the week - the P&S man needs no excuse! Armed with his perfectly toned torso the weekend spells fun!

Sculpting and support control from our men's shapewear undergarments give you confidence in your body, with a visible waistline reduction and an overall look of a toned torso and slimmer silhouette.

Shapewear & Compression Garments Shapewear & Compression Garments Thermocool Thermocool

This image has been digitally enhanced. The arrows depict areas of zonal compression. This shows how the built-in physiotherapy taping improves posture and keeps you correctly aligned.

Compression arrows



Swing Strip

Professional Opinion


“I’ve recently had surgery on my shoulder and I’m just starting to train and play golf again. This top makes me feel a lot more confident; my shoulders feel supported, controlling my swing. I think a product like this would really come into its own at the end of the 18 hole. The support I’m getting makes me feel stronger and when your muscles are tired after a long game, a powerful and accurate swing can be the difference between winning and losing.”

- PGA Professional Golfer Matthew Nixon


“When I put it on for the first time, I instantly felt more upright and as if someone were pulling my shoulders back. I felt compressed, but not restricted and It was easy to move my arms around. On my first set up, I could feel a noticeable difference in my posture, allowing my set up, swing and follow through to become more effortless. The compression worked almost as an elastic band as I hit the ball, propelling my arms making me feel stronger and my swing really powerful.” 

- PGA Professional Golfer Christopher Freeman


“I really liked how comfortable this top was to wear. The fabrics were soft and seamless meaning it fitted the body. In comparison to other compression garments on the market that can be quite restrictive, I felt it encouraged easy movement. In particular I really like the Thermocool technology.  A product like this on a long cold day could definitely improve your game, especially because in golf you find yourself standing around a lot and getting cold.”

- PGA Professional Golfer Adam Gray


“I wouldn’t usually play in compression wear because it can be uncomfortable and restrictive, but not with Pelham and Strutt. There's definitely a difference to be felt when you put the top on. It makes good posture easy, especially when setting up. I wouldn’t play without one now.”

- PGA Professional Golfer Andy Jones

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