Pelham & Strutt


Pelham and Strutt is a British brand, designed in collaboration with top UK Physiotherapist Judith Pitt-Brooke, Member of the Health Professions Council and chartered Physiotherapist. Our shapewear for women and compression wear for men provide posture support and increased core stability for a more overall sculpted and slimmer figure.

We are the first brand in the compression and shapewear market to target both Core muscle groups and posture. Our Core and Thermocool, men’s and women’s intelligent underwear is influenced by fashion and inspired by performance.


Product Development

Having looked at shape wear and compression garments on the market, Pelham and Strutt wanted to target problem areas like posture, improving spinal alignment, support around the chest area for both men and women, as well as providing body sculpting and slimming benefits.

In order to achieve this, Pelham and Strutt approached Judith Pitt-Brooke to assist in the design of a garment.

Good posture requires strength in the core and shoulders. The real impact comes from the combination of supported Latissimus Dorsi muscle at the back of the shoulders, the muscles between the shoulder blades and upper spine, coupled with compression across the core abdominal area. This combination provides pressure stimulus to both these postural muscle areas and it is this combination that is the true strength of the garments.

Our garments are built with integrated zonal mapping that engages these muscle areas providing posture support, corrected spinal alignment and core compression that sculpts and slims the body. Support like this helps us to resist the tendency to become round shouldered and effectively helps to reduce the chance of developing neck, shoulder, upper and lower back pain.



Feedback from a range of users was universally good. Male gym goers, Pro golfers, a swimmer, and an elite karate athlete all felt this garment enhanced their postural awareness both in exercise and as a leisure garment. A large chested young girl commented that the garment was very comfortable and she could feel it pulling her shoulders back - making her stay more upright.

Physio Judith Pitt-Brooke commented: "...I would put anyone with poor posture, poor core or low back stiffness in one (Pelham and Strutt T-Shirt)."


Where else in everyday life could the garment be of benefit?

Our Core range is comfortable and versatile enough to support you throughout your day, whatever the occasion. Whether you’re an athlete or a leisure gym goer our compression garments energise your muscles, reducing muscle fatigue so you can train for longer and recover quicker.

For the fashion conscious our shapewear supports the back. Better posture is linked to increased attractiveness and confidence. Our seamless garments are invisible, second skins that lift, sculpt and slim the body.

Mothers and fathers with young children who constantly have pressure on their back, those of you who work in forward bend positions - or at a desk, people who stand a lot at work, and people who work outdoors in manual environments will all benefit from posture support.